Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Whether it is a one off set of glass stairs or a number of bespoke shower cubicles for a hotel chain Excelsior Glass is the company to go to for expert advice, bespoke design, supply and skilled installation.

Whilst it can be difficult to find good suppliers of architectural glass UK manufacturer Excelsior Glass provide a one stop shop service offering bespoke design,manufacturing and installation services.

Excelsior Glasshav eanextensive range of architectural glass in UK and manage a range of projects for private residences, hotel chains and the leisure industry alike. To discuss your project requirements click here architectural glass UK

Architectural glass products can include balustrade, glass stairs and landings and glass wall cladding and often furnishes a home or commercial building with the wow factor. Architectural glass
UK includes reinforced, toughened and laminated glasses that are suitable for building and for safe customer use like bespoke shower cubicles and large mirrors.

Glass floors and ceilings, frame less glass walls, glass balustrades for staircases and terraces, decorative glass panels, bus shelters, bespoke showers, squash courts and security shields are all examples of both external and internal architectural glass UK usage.

Excelsior Glass prides itself on the provision of excellent customer service and its team of expert craftsmen understand the sensitivity and care that must go into installations within private residences and seamless service and quick turnaround expected within a commercial environment. For more information click here Glass Stairs UK.

And this all backed up by the company’s impressive client list which includes a significant number of large organisations, famous hotel chains and celebrity clients. 
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